Thursday, August 28, 2014

Missing A Loved One Have a Bud on Me...........Cheers Daddy

As the dawn is about to break I have to take a deep breath for many the Holiday season is the hardest for the loss of a loved one. But this weekend is always the hardest for me. The one time of year I miss Daddy more than ever. I remember this weekend of the celebrations and massive BBQ's. You know I never eat ribs unless they were made by him. So this weekend I am gonna get me a six pack of Budweiser and drink the whole thing.. And in his memory this purse was designed and made so for the next seven days it will be free.. Have a Bud on me

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Not fond of bloggin can you tell

Well I tell myself often than today is the day I wills tart blogging and as you can see that does not often happen. I am learning to link my blog with Ravely as well as my Google+ account so maybe now it will all pull together.  I have been working on this awesome test for a wonderful designer on Ravelry. The Designer is called Spider Mambo. She does amazing things and I love her patterns.
This is the owl test I recently completed for her. It is lovely. The pattern is not yet available but as soon as it is you can find it on her link above or by going to my project page here. I will add the link when it is available for purchase on the page. I have made several of her Creepy skull beanies you can find the one I recently made on my projects page.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Purse Pattern

When I first started writing I had a thing for purses. I loved making new ones and coming up with new ideas. My first few patterns are still available for free. This one fast became a popular with my family. I made several of the heart purses some with beaded hearts instead of crochet hearts and in several different colors. This purse is great for Valentines yes but my little girl loves hearts all year round.
Go to Ravelry and check out the Dangling Heart Purse . The pattern is free.

If you dont crochet then feel free to email me about making you one of these adorable purses.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Changes Changes and more Changes

Life is all about changes.

I am now published on Amazon with Kindle patterns. March was an awesome moth for sales. Many more of my patterns will be released in the future. Kindle version of the Pokebeanie should be released latter today or tomorrow.

I have had to make several changes on my Etsy shop and decided to move my shop to Storenvy. I like the platform and will be staying there until June when I am planning to open my own website. I plan to have a forum or something similar where people can ask me about the finished items and patterns on my site. I also plan to have a gallery and some tutorials on the site so when looking the buyers can see what type of stitches are in the patterns and if they are familiar with them.

All of my patterns can be found on Ravlery. I enjoy being on there and sharing. You will find my free purse pattern on Ravelry.

Hope you find yourself looking forward to the spring and the new changes that it will bring.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hello Kitty World

Many orders lately for me have been Hello Kitty inspired. I just finished this lovely order and I want one for myself only a little smaller I am thinking of a bag I made in the past with some chunky yarn and might turn it into a little bag. Here are the pictures of the completed order. I lined it with some cute Hello Kitty Fabric and added two pockets to the inside.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Hair Braids

Long hair then braid it up with these hair braids. I used beads, hearts and some flowers. You can add buttons or bows are anything you want to tie up in your hair. There are so many possibilities with these. 
The pattern is quite simple.
I used an F and G hook and yarn that I had some cotton some worsted just whatever I had. I used pony beads as they are much easier to add to the yarn.
Chain 10 
Now Ch 3, Slip stitch in 3rd chain from hook. This makes a picot and this is where you will be adding your decorations. If your using beads or Buttons this is where they will be placed in these three chains.
For the ones above which were a tad bit to long I repeated the above about 10 times. I think 8 would have been better then been able to add more to the bottom.
When reaching the bottom for and added effect make the CH 3, Slip stitch in 3rd chain from hook and repeat this 3 times for a cluster of picots then FO.

If your adding appliques then you will sew them on to where the picots are on the braid. 
These are so simple and fun to make. My little girl loved them and even wore several in her hair at one time  My favoriter were the little pink flower. Looks like cherry blossoms.

You could add little pink bows and a Hello Kitty Applique at the top or bottom for a Hello Kitty Effect or add a small applique Cupcake and beads down the strand to look like sprinkles. So many ideas and so much fun for your little girl. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Kindle Patterns

Thats right Kindle crochet and knit patterns. I have spent the last few days reading and learning the proper way to format my patterns in Word so they can be put on Amazon for the Kindles. Woohoo. And for those that dont have a Kindle you can download the Kindle reader on your computer even a Mac. I have a Mac and A kindle reader on there. My patterns will have the table of contents so you will be able to go to a certain section. Meaning if you stop working on a pattern then you can go back to where you are. I am hoping to start converting patterns next week. I will be starting with some of my first designs and slowly start adding them to  Like this apple purse. This is one of my favorites happy and smiling. Stay tuned to my blog for my Kindle pattern releases.