Thursday, December 13, 2012

Child Football Beanie Pattern

A friend asked me about a pattern for little boys that was not so girly and I mentioned the football beanie. The size needed was a small child. I sat down to write up the instructions quickly and well after half way through I remembered something one of my boys told  me. The DC ones look more lacy so I decided to redo the pattern with HDC. I am gonna post it here for all to share. However please note I did not make the hat in the correct colors I just made a mustard gold yellow one then pulled it out. If you make one you can share the pictures for all to see. The hat is made for 18" head.

Click here to see the pattern

I hope you will share pictures of your finished project. I forgot to mention the hook size is H. For some reason I left it out of the pattern.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So many changes

Looking at my blog I realize it has been quite a while since I have posted anything at all. Since my recent post I have moved from Mesquite, Texas up north east to lovely Auburn, WA. When I go to town to run errands I can see Mt. Rainier. Right now the mountains have snow tops so lovely. I really need a better camera so I can get some pic.

Another change is that with Omni I have lost a total of 54lb and still dropping. I am super excited to feel better and look better. I am also taking more of the Omni vitamins and generally feeling better to include having less pain from my nerve damage.

I have been working hard on designing baby dresses and little things for my grands. This past week I went to a bazaar sold lots of little Christmas Angels. I am currently working on a soccerball afghan/hat set as well as new dress designs.

On a silly side check out these boxers I made for one of my sons. I plan on making adjustments and writing the pattern. These were not quite right but still turned out pretty cute huh.

Hopping to become a better blogger for the new year and start offering some free patterns. I am working on an adult hat pattern now that will be available sometime this month. Just a basic hat but made for myself and loving the results. With a little sunshine I will be getting some pictures today. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Omnitrition Diet Update

I started my journey thinking there was no way I could really stick to this diet and the restrictions but OMG it has been so easy with the drops. I am always full having to force myself to eat some of the food. How cool is that. I started at 240 and now after only 11 day am at 227. 13 pounds gone gone gone... Loving it... And I just orderd my Charge and Phytos so looking forward to them. I am now such a believer in the product I decided to become a distributor. Crazy huh. But this is such a wonderful life changing product... I will get brave and post some pics soon. Still not to the comfort point of posting the pictures... But hey in another 11 days and another 13 pound i might want to show off huh...

Check out my site  I am just getting started but have a super duper distributor to help with any questions...
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Starting a New diet

Visiting with my siblings this summer and getting our picture made together made me stop and think. I looked at the picture and after all these years I am still the "fat" sister. I dont like diets and well I dont want to be that person anymore. Events over the last few years have left me a little depressed and bitter at times. I am not the easiest person to get along with these days. So I have decided to choose a new path and loose some weight. I dont want to turn 50 and be over 200 lbs.

Yesterday I started my journey and decided to take the Omnitrition drop. And follow the strict diet plan.  I am not fond of eating but decided to do this after talking to my distributor and being added to a support group online. I found people actually loosing weight.

Yesterday was My first day of loading. I thought I would have fun eating forbidden foods. Well I did not nope was not so fun. I was so full. I learned not to eat meals but snack on bad food all day. I can not imagine how it is possible to eat so much in one day but I managed. I ate bacon, gravy, biscuits, cherry pie, chili dogs with lots of cheese and made with smoked sausage, snacked on mints all day.. I loaded till I wanted to puke...

Today I was smarter at me one of those little pecan pies bad fat and calories and sugar all in one bite. then ate some tres leches for lunch and had a piece of spam snacked on some orange bites.  It was a busy busy day. I ate some eggs and chorizo with lots of cheese for dinner. Ate some Mexican bread... So now I am so ready for tomorrow and starting Phase 2 and eating healthy and becoming a looser.. I can do this. I am ready for the weight...

Start weight was 236 so lets se where this takes me... I got my meet separated out and ready for a week. got my veggies and ready set here I come 150. Lets see how long it takes. :)
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Path

Ah today I was working on a design because it is something that was popular and not something from my heart and I have decided to rip it out and stop producing patterns that are popular for popularities sake. I wanted to do what people talk about and make money from doing something I love but to make the money I have been making things I dont like or dont care to make. Well that all stops today. I am gonna make things for my family and if I feel like writing the patter you will be able to find it on my Ravelry page. I will be closing my etsy shop when the listing run out. Ravelry is free to post patterns and they send them when you purchase so I see no reason to remove my work from there. I will still occasionally post free patterns here as well and blog on about my yarn addiction adventures...

I will be working on some bandana dresses, learning to tat, learning to sew better, making thing for my grands and going back to enjoying what I do and what I make...... Hope you all continue to follow me along on the journey........
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Monday, May 7, 2012

We went to the Canton market this weekend it went ok. But I did get a chance to work on a new purse pattern. The Beehive Purse. I had this yarn on my work table and thought it looked like a beehive. Then I set out to find some buttons. I ordered mine from Etsy but you can also find some on Amazon .
I enjoyed making this one and I am working on a Smiling Apple Necklace Purse and a Sock Monkey Drawstring Purse. The apple I am working on proofing today and should be ready no later than Wed. I am really hoping to get it out tomorrow.

I am also working on my Castleghan Pattern. I have managed to merge all the documents into one and hoping to have it out some time this month. There are a few kinks to workout but the hardest part is done. I have been working on this one for quite some time... :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Growth Square

A few years ago my aunt died. The one that taught me to crochet and to love art and to be creative. She was more like my sister than my aunt.  I wrote a pattern for a 12 inch square that is not written in rounds nor rows but in stages of growth in life. I then made and afghan mixed with another square named it Debra's TearDrops and gave it to my mother. Her and My aunt Debra were close. At this time I want to reshare this square many people have lost a loved one and this helped me tremendously through the years I still read this. I have printed the pattern and picture of the square and shared with others through time.  Read this pattern through and remember the ones you have lost. I just realized the hook size is not written. I normally Use and H Hook I crochet loose.

Created in Memory of Deborah Vaughn “Debber”
By Aundie

Growth Square

The growth square was designed for the growth in Debber’s life. It is green to represent a growth cycle.

Row 1:  The birth: CH 6 slip stitch in beginning to form a ring

Row 2:  Growing Up: CH 13, SC  in circle of life, *Ch 12, sc in ring* 6 more times (You will have 7 loops)  Ch 6, triple stitch in beginning CH 13 CH.

Notice the loops have now formed as a young life. Each petal goes in many directions. Now it is time for life to begin taking form.

Row 3Settling down. Ch 6, SC in next loop, *CH 5, Sc in next loop* around connecting in the beginning CH of first Ch 6.

After we settle down in life there are ups and downs. Often these are the years when our children are young and then when they get older.

Row 4:  Ups and downs of young children: Ch 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in beginning loop, ch 3, *triple cluster in next ch 5 loop. Ch 3, 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc in next loop (Forming the corner), ch 3* rep around joining the round in the top of the ch 3.

Now as you look at the square you can see the big ups and downs of having small children in your life

Although the next round is a little more even it seems to take more work to get through events our older children bring into our life.

Row 5:  Ups and downs of older Children:  Sl to Ch 3 of corner, 3, 2 dc, ch 3, 3 dc in beginning loop, ch 3 * Double cluster in next ch 3 sp, ch 1, dc in cluster, ch 1, double cluster in next st, Ch 3, 3 dc, ch3, 3 dc in next loop (Forming the corner), ch 3* rep around joining the round in the top of the ch 3.

The final cycle is when our children are gone, and although there are ups and downs in our life, time passes slower as we look back over life.

Row 6:  Final Cycle:  CH3, dc in next 2 dc, 3 dc, ch3, *3 dc in next loop (Forming the corner), dc in next 3 dc, 3 dc in ch 3 sp, dc in double cluster, dc in space, dc in dc, dc in top of dc cluster, 3 dc in ch 3 space* repeat around joining in the top of chain three. Finish off cycle has been completed.

Although the cycle has ended we can now look back over the events of Debber’s life and see the good she brought and this square will be something that will continue to touch others lives as she watches from above.


Friday, April 13, 2012

LOCO for Chongos

Over the last few weeks I have been getting ready to go to a flea market. We will be setting up for three days on the weekend. I have made lots of these chongos or scrunchies. I have many colors but I have to say I am beginning to feel like a giant ponytail holder. You can find information on how to make money with these things here . This is the information that I have used and then after about 100 of these things you start to make your own and go from there. I am looking forward to the market in a couple of weeks I will let yall know how things go. I will also be taking some of my knit halter dresses... Want a chongo before they go to market?? Hmmm do ya well go to my etsy shop and get ya one...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Embellishing why bother? I have often asked myself this question. When making hats it can make a world of difference. Where do I get the embellishments? I get free patterns found on Ravelry or on Crochet Pattern Central . These two placesare great for finding the patterns. I like to print out the patterns or bookmark them and make them when I have little pieces of yarn left. You will find your favorites and make several different ones. I have a box I keep on my desk that I put these in when I am finished.

This brings me to why I decided to write this blog. I like to give and plan to start making preemie hats and donate them. I made a couple of them from using the measurements found on Bev's Country Cottage. The hats seemed kinda plain when I was completed and I got to thinking why make plain ones I have a bucket of embellishments to use. I decided to share my thoughts.

Below are pictures with different embellishments found in my little box.

As you can see the beanie is just double crochet. It did end up a little bigger than I had planned. I used an H hook maybe I should have used a G hook for a smaller hat. I used I Love this Yarn from Hobby Lobby. This yarn is 4 weight. As you can see it give me about a 10” circumference.

To make the hat all I did was:
1: make a magic circe with 12 dc
2: 2 DC in each DC around
3: *DC, 2DC in next stitch* repeat around
4-7 DC in each DC

Now embellish and have a blast.........

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year

A new year has begun and life at my house has been exciting. I will be working on new patterns this year and I have decided to go back into designing doll clothes. I love making doll clothes and I love dressing dolls. This year you can expect to see new clothes in my shop. I currently own, thanks to a very fabulous and my bestest friend, a Blythe doll and a Monster High Doll. I have already starting making them clothes.

I also plan to write hat patterns like the soccerball hat above. I am excited about this wonderful new year and all the opportunities I will have...