Friday, February 10, 2012

Embellishing why bother? I have often asked myself this question. When making hats it can make a world of difference. Where do I get the embellishments? I get free patterns found on Ravelry or on Crochet Pattern Central . These two placesare great for finding the patterns. I like to print out the patterns or bookmark them and make them when I have little pieces of yarn left. You will find your favorites and make several different ones. I have a box I keep on my desk that I put these in when I am finished.

This brings me to why I decided to write this blog. I like to give and plan to start making preemie hats and donate them. I made a couple of them from using the measurements found on Bev's Country Cottage. The hats seemed kinda plain when I was completed and I got to thinking why make plain ones I have a bucket of embellishments to use. I decided to share my thoughts.

Below are pictures with different embellishments found in my little box.

As you can see the beanie is just double crochet. It did end up a little bigger than I had planned. I used an H hook maybe I should have used a G hook for a smaller hat. I used I Love this Yarn from Hobby Lobby. This yarn is 4 weight. As you can see it give me about a 10” circumference.

To make the hat all I did was:
1: make a magic circe with 12 dc
2: 2 DC in each DC around
3: *DC, 2DC in next stitch* repeat around
4-7 DC in each DC

Now embellish and have a blast.........

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