Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Path

Ah today I was working on a design because it is something that was popular and not something from my heart and I have decided to rip it out and stop producing patterns that are popular for popularities sake. I wanted to do what people talk about and make money from doing something I love but to make the money I have been making things I dont like or dont care to make. Well that all stops today. I am gonna make things for my family and if I feel like writing the patter you will be able to find it on my Ravelry page. I will be closing my etsy shop when the listing run out. Ravelry is free to post patterns and they send them when you purchase so I see no reason to remove my work from there. I will still occasionally post free patterns here as well and blog on about my yarn addiction adventures...

I will be working on some bandana dresses, learning to tat, learning to sew better, making thing for my grands and going back to enjoying what I do and what I make...... Hope you all continue to follow me along on the journey........
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Monday, May 7, 2012

We went to the Canton market this weekend it went ok. But I did get a chance to work on a new purse pattern. The Beehive Purse. I had this yarn on my work table and thought it looked like a beehive. Then I set out to find some buttons. I ordered mine from Etsy but you can also find some on Amazon .
I enjoyed making this one and I am working on a Smiling Apple Necklace Purse and a Sock Monkey Drawstring Purse. The apple I am working on proofing today and should be ready no later than Wed. I am really hoping to get it out tomorrow.

I am also working on my Castleghan Pattern. I have managed to merge all the documents into one and hoping to have it out some time this month. There are a few kinks to workout but the hardest part is done. I have been working on this one for quite some time... :)