Saturday, July 21, 2012

Starting a New diet

Visiting with my siblings this summer and getting our picture made together made me stop and think. I looked at the picture and after all these years I am still the "fat" sister. I dont like diets and well I dont want to be that person anymore. Events over the last few years have left me a little depressed and bitter at times. I am not the easiest person to get along with these days. So I have decided to choose a new path and loose some weight. I dont want to turn 50 and be over 200 lbs.

Yesterday I started my journey and decided to take the Omnitrition drop. And follow the strict diet plan.  I am not fond of eating but decided to do this after talking to my distributor and being added to a support group online. I found people actually loosing weight.

Yesterday was My first day of loading. I thought I would have fun eating forbidden foods. Well I did not nope was not so fun. I was so full. I learned not to eat meals but snack on bad food all day. I can not imagine how it is possible to eat so much in one day but I managed. I ate bacon, gravy, biscuits, cherry pie, chili dogs with lots of cheese and made with smoked sausage, snacked on mints all day.. I loaded till I wanted to puke...

Today I was smarter at me one of those little pecan pies bad fat and calories and sugar all in one bite. then ate some tres leches for lunch and had a piece of spam snacked on some orange bites.  It was a busy busy day. I ate some eggs and chorizo with lots of cheese for dinner. Ate some Mexican bread... So now I am so ready for tomorrow and starting Phase 2 and eating healthy and becoming a looser.. I can do this. I am ready for the weight...

Start weight was 236 so lets se where this takes me... I got my meet separated out and ready for a week. got my veggies and ready set here I come 150. Lets see how long it takes. :)
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