Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Omnitrition Diet Update

I started my journey thinking there was no way I could really stick to this diet and the restrictions but OMG it has been so easy with the drops. I am always full having to force myself to eat some of the food. How cool is that. I started at 240 and now after only 11 day am at 227. 13 pounds gone gone gone... Loving it... And I just orderd my Charge and Phytos so looking forward to them. I am now such a believer in the product I decided to become a distributor. Crazy huh. But this is such a wonderful life changing product... I will get brave and post some pics soon. Still not to the comfort point of posting the pictures... But hey in another 11 days and another 13 pound i might want to show off huh...

Check out my site  I am just getting started but have a super duper distributor to help with any questions...
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