Thursday, December 13, 2012

Child Football Beanie Pattern

A friend asked me about a pattern for little boys that was not so girly and I mentioned the football beanie. The size needed was a small child. I sat down to write up the instructions quickly and well after half way through I remembered something one of my boys told  me. The DC ones look more lacy so I decided to redo the pattern with HDC. I am gonna post it here for all to share. However please note I did not make the hat in the correct colors I just made a mustard gold yellow one then pulled it out. If you make one you can share the pictures for all to see. The hat is made for 18" head.

Click here to see the pattern

I hope you will share pictures of your finished project. I forgot to mention the hook size is H. For some reason I left it out of the pattern.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So many changes

Looking at my blog I realize it has been quite a while since I have posted anything at all. Since my recent post I have moved from Mesquite, Texas up north east to lovely Auburn, WA. When I go to town to run errands I can see Mt. Rainier. Right now the mountains have snow tops so lovely. I really need a better camera so I can get some pic.

Another change is that with Omni I have lost a total of 54lb and still dropping. I am super excited to feel better and look better. I am also taking more of the Omni vitamins and generally feeling better to include having less pain from my nerve damage.

I have been working hard on designing baby dresses and little things for my grands. This past week I went to a bazaar sold lots of little Christmas Angels. I am currently working on a soccerball afghan/hat set as well as new dress designs.

On a silly side check out these boxers I made for one of my sons. I plan on making adjustments and writing the pattern. These were not quite right but still turned out pretty cute huh.

Hopping to become a better blogger for the new year and start offering some free patterns. I am working on an adult hat pattern now that will be available sometime this month. Just a basic hat but made for myself and loving the results. With a little sunshine I will be getting some pictures today.