Tuesday, December 4, 2012

So many changes

Looking at my blog I realize it has been quite a while since I have posted anything at all. Since my recent post I have moved from Mesquite, Texas up north east to lovely Auburn, WA. When I go to town to run errands I can see Mt. Rainier. Right now the mountains have snow tops so lovely. I really need a better camera so I can get some pic.

Another change is that with Omni I have lost a total of 54lb and still dropping. I am super excited to feel better and look better. I am also taking more of the Omni vitamins and generally feeling better to include having less pain from my nerve damage.

I have been working hard on designing baby dresses and little things for my grands. This past week I went to a bazaar sold lots of little Christmas Angels. I am currently working on a soccerball afghan/hat set as well as new dress designs.

On a silly side check out these boxers I made for one of my sons. I plan on making adjustments and writing the pattern. These were not quite right but still turned out pretty cute huh.

Hopping to become a better blogger for the new year and start offering some free patterns. I am working on an adult hat pattern now that will be available sometime this month. Just a basic hat but made for myself and loving the results. With a little sunshine I will be getting some pictures today. 

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