Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year. Feliz ano Nuevo.......

Happy New Year to all. I just know this is going to be such a wonderful year. 2012 was a year of great changes for me. The biggest being the move from Dallas, Texas to Seattle, Washington. I have learned to make some much warmer items and appreciate being able to find supplies. I have a hard time finding the yarns I used in the south but I will adjust and learn to use new ones.

I have so many ideas for my Etsy shop this year. My very first pattern is one that my son asked for. My boys live in Alabama and are football fans. Soo this child asked me to make him a pair or Elephant Trunks. I can not say I was the happiest camper about it but OMG they are so cute.

I made two different pairs one for each son. The one on the bottom is getting the Alabama A embroidered on the front bottom right leg.

I did take time to write the pattern which you can find here in my etsy shop. Elephant Trunk Pattern

I am so looking forward to the new year and mor fun things to create and design.

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