Friday, February 15, 2013

Hair Braids

Long hair then braid it up with these hair braids. I used beads, hearts and some flowers. You can add buttons or bows are anything you want to tie up in your hair. There are so many possibilities with these. 
The pattern is quite simple.
I used an F and G hook and yarn that I had some cotton some worsted just whatever I had. I used pony beads as they are much easier to add to the yarn.
Chain 10 
Now Ch 3, Slip stitch in 3rd chain from hook. This makes a picot and this is where you will be adding your decorations. If your using beads or Buttons this is where they will be placed in these three chains.
For the ones above which were a tad bit to long I repeated the above about 10 times. I think 8 would have been better then been able to add more to the bottom.
When reaching the bottom for and added effect make the CH 3, Slip stitch in 3rd chain from hook and repeat this 3 times for a cluster of picots then FO.

If your adding appliques then you will sew them on to where the picots are on the braid. 
These are so simple and fun to make. My little girl loved them and even wore several in her hair at one time  My favoriter were the little pink flower. Looks like cherry blossoms.

You could add little pink bows and a Hello Kitty Applique at the top or bottom for a Hello Kitty Effect or add a small applique Cupcake and beads down the strand to look like sprinkles. So many ideas and so much fun for your little girl. 

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