Monday, April 1, 2013

Changes Changes and more Changes

Life is all about changes.

I am now published on Amazon with Kindle patterns. March was an awesome moth for sales. Many more of my patterns will be released in the future. Kindle version of the Pokebeanie should be released latter today or tomorrow.

I have had to make several changes on my Etsy shop and decided to move my shop to Storenvy. I like the platform and will be staying there until June when I am planning to open my own website. I plan to have a forum or something similar where people can ask me about the finished items and patterns on my site. I also plan to have a gallery and some tutorials on the site so when looking the buyers can see what type of stitches are in the patterns and if they are familiar with them.

All of my patterns can be found on Ravlery. I enjoy being on there and sharing. You will find my free purse pattern on Ravelry.

Hope you find yourself looking forward to the spring and the new changes that it will bring.

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